Pick up that body off the road... or set it down for easier access.

Just because the factory says your truck needs to be too low or too high doesn’t mean you need to listen to them. If Chevy told you to stop eating meat, would you listen?

Sometimes trucks are too low to the ground and you need more ground clearance. That’s where a lift kit comes in. We can raise the front or rear of your vehicle from 1 to 2 ½ inches.


Level Kit for Trucks From Southern Truck


Trucks are made with a natural “rake” or tilt with the front slightly lower. That’s fine if you’re going to be carrying a thousand pounds in your bed all the time, but if not, it affects your ground clearance and points your headlights into the ground. Now, if you always have a load in the bed or something weighing you down, pointing your nose too high, then people are always flashing their brights at you. A simple level kit fixes those problems.

Leveling kits use coil spring spacers or torsion keys for an economical, quick and easy way to raise your truck to not only fix the problems above, but also to add larger wheels and tires or a winch.


Lowering Kit for Pickup Trucks From-Belltech


Sometimes trucks are just too high for lots of reasons. Maybe someone with physical limitations or someone elderly in your family has trouble climbing in. Or maybe you believe that you shouldn’t have to climb a ladder to get in your truck. You could add steps, or we can lower your truck from up to four inches to make it more accessible. Or why not both?

Pickup Outfitters of Waco professionally installs truck leveling kits and lowering kits from the top manufacturers. Please note, level and lowering kits may affect your warranty in some situations.

Do your part to end truck nudity, one vehicle at a time! Create a commotion with your truck! Get suspension help with truck leveling kits and lowering kits from Pickup Outfitters of Waco, Texas.  Stop by our showroom at 220 Lake Air Drive in Waco or call us at 254 399-9416.