Put a hitch in your get along…. and your pickup!

God created pickups for three very important functions: struttin’ your stuff, carryin’ stuff, and towing stuff. You take care of the struttin’. Your bed takes care of the carryin’. Your hitch takes care of the towing. As you can see, hitches are important honoring God’s creation. And that’s why they’re practically a religion at Pickup Outfitters.  We carry and professionally install…

Receiver Hitch

Receiver Hitches

The most popular, and very versatile, hitch that allows you to tow trailers, boats, campers, jet skis, bikes and anything with a receiver. We not only have hitches for trucks, but also Jeeps and SUVs. We install class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, and class 5 receiver hitches along with accessories like ball mounts, hitch locks and wiring kits

Gooseneck Hitch

Gooseneck Hitches

Gooseneck trailers require a special hitching system; a gooseneck trailer slides over a ball hitch in the bed of your pickup truck.  Gooseneck trailers have a tighter turn radius which allows you to turn corners and maneuver the trailer and your pickup in tight spaces.   Pickup Outfitters carries and installs gooseneck hitches for almost any make and model truck.

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Fifth Wheel Hitches

If you want to tow a fifth wheel trailer, then you need fifth wheel hitches intended for towing heavy loads. Fifth wheel hitches function much like the coupling mechanism of a semi truck or 18-wheeler by attaching to your pickup truck using a hinged plate hitch. Pickup Outfitters of Waco will help you select the correct fifth wheel truck hitch for your pickup and then professionally install your hitch.

Tow Hitches

What if you want to tow another car behind your RV.  Come see us to put a tow hitch on that vehicle!

Wiring & Electrical

Don’t forget to have proper wiring installed at Pickup Outfitters. From wiring harnesses, to connectors we do it all. We even install wiring and brake controllers. This is something you need to leave to the professionals.

Balls & Ball Mounts

We carry all sizes of ball mount and all diameters for trailer balls including 1 7/8”, 2”, 2 5/16, and 3”.

Major brands we carry:

  • B&W Hitches
  • Draw-Tite
  • Curt
  • Blue Ox
  • Tekonsha

A truck in Texas just looks naked without a hitch. Do your part to end truck nudity, one truck at a time! Create a commotion with receiver truck hitches, gooseneck truck hitches, and fifth wheel truck hitches from Pickup Outfitters of Waco, Texas.  Why not stop by our showroom at 220 Lake Air Drive in Waco or call us at 254 399-9416.

Want to create a commotion?